Student News

In early November, student Adam Rellick, L’17, argued a case for spousal support in Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in front of Chief Judge Ashley Tunner, L’95. Tunner ruled the case was res judicata, or already adjudicated, and she was unable to order support.

Rellick, along with fellow student Lucy James, L’17, and professor Dale Cecka, countered that the court had only statutory powers and, as a result, couldn’t permanently terminate a right to spousal support. Tunner tasked them to write a brief explaining their position.

The duo presented their brief on Nov. 15, after which Tunner reversed her earlier decision. She thanked Rellick and James for shedding light on the issue.

“We had consulted with several prominent family law attorneys across the state, and no one had ever litigated this issue,” Cecka said. “They were very eager to hear the result.”