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Coutrney Paulk swims in the ocean. She is wearing a pink swimcap and goggles
Courtney Paulk’s endurance mindset

Open-water swimmers face immense physical challenges, but this attorney says the mental fortitude required is even more demanding — and it makes her a better lawyer.

An illustration showing a silhouette of lady justice approaching the U.S. Capitol building through waist-high water, under toxic clouds. She is bringing balanced scales full of eco-friendly energy solutions including wind and solar power.
March 29, 2024
Come hell or high water
Three professors analyze the global climate crisis, each conducting research intending to shape the future of climate regulations.
A Ukrainian serviceman takes a photograph of a damaged church after shelling in a residential district in Mariupol, Ukraine, March 10, 2022.
April 3, 2024
Reparations for Ukraine
Professor Chiara Giorgetti is co-developing a mechanism to hold Russia accountable for violations of international law in Ukraine.
Professor Kevin Woodson is standing in a royal blue suit looking at the camera
April 8, 2024
In Brief
Race in the elite workplace
Professor Kevin Woodson encourages us to take a closer look at the experience of Black professionals working in the white-collar world. Here’s some of what he told a national news program.
Victor Narro, L’91, stands speaking into a megaphone with protest signs behind him.
April 1, 2024
Radical solidarity
UCLA law professor Victor Narro, L'91, reflects on the importance of protecting immigrant communities in the United States.
Professor Danielle Wingfield, L’14, stands in a suit with a brick building behind her
April 2, 2024
Faculty Brief
In her comfort zone
Since graduating from Richmond Law 10 years ago, Danielle Wingfield, L'14, has added a litany of accomplishments to her name. Now she's joined the Richmond Law faculty.
Vishwa Bhargava Link, L’93
April 3, 2024
Next Generation
For the future
"Practicing law is an apprenticeship, and the most rewarding part is building a team of young folks who see that this is something they could do for a career."
Michael Dickerson, C’14, in his law school office
March 29, 2024
Step into my office
Michael Dickerson is the first University of Richmond staff member to become certified by the Inclusive Partner program.
Tom Garrett stands in front of greenery
March 31, 2024
Free Speech
Vocal advocate
“I’ve always had this innate belief that everyone, regardless of their opinion or perspective, should have the ability to voice that opinion without fear of reprisal.”
An aerial photo showing the university of richmond campus and the skyline of the city of Richmond in the fall
April 4, 2024
Leading Virginia
Of the 30 attorneys named by Virginia Lawyers Weekly as Leaders in the Law, nine were Richmond Law alumni. No other school had more than three.