Sara Tandy, L’19

Committing to inclusion

September 22, 2023


Richmond Law’s inaugural assistant dean of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging started their new role during the summer. Sara Tandy, L’19, works to address how the law school guides its students in a diverse and multicultural legal world.

“My job is to serve all our students,” Tandy says, “with specific attention given to groups that have been historically underrepresented in legal education. I’m especially excited to help students develop their identities as lawyers, encourage authenticity and individuality, and help them understand how to succeed in the legal profession.”

While the primary focus of this new role is its student-facing elements, they will also support faculty in developing more inclusive pedagogies and course offerings.

“My goal is an environment where students of all backgrounds and thoughts can feel like they have a place at the table, that their opinions matter, and their lived experiences are taken into account,” they say.

Tandy aims to show how the law school is resolute in its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. “I’m ready to take the conversation to the next level. Our school has more to offer than many students know.”