How to run a practice

September 25, 2023


Photograph by Tina Thomas

It’s hard to succeed as a first-year attorney or as a first-time small business owner, but Caroline Fox, L’13, opted to blend the two difficult paths when she started her career. It’s also the subject of a new class she’s teaching at the law school this fall: How to Run a Small and Solo Legal Practice.

The Spider alum says she knew she wanted to work for herself after graduation, but she had to convince her parents first.

“I created a business plan just for them, thinking I’d need a good support system for this to work,” she said.

It has definitely worked.

For a decade, Fox has carved a niche in the wedding world, offering legal services for event spaces, entertainers, and photographers. Her hustle resulted in a client list that has matured with her practice. They’ve returned for additional help with everything from forming an LLC to securing a trademark.

Fox is sharing with students her struggles, her successes, and a playbook for starting up a small business. She also plans to invite other solo-practice attorneys as guest speakers. The goal is to make sure students leave with a plan, practical skills, and a list of resources in the event they hit a snag or need support for administrative or accounting issues.

The use of social media will also be a topic in class. Fox has harnessed the power of Facebook to lead small business forums, along with TikTok, where she’s amassed a following by telling comedic legal tales.

“You know, this was my No. 1 choice for law school, and the fact that I get to teach here now is blowing my mind.”