Student News

After reading about the hiring of Su-Jin Hong, Richmond Law’s director of international programs, Virginia Supreme Court Justice Stephen McCullough, L’97, reached out to Hong with an offer. McCullough, who was born and raised in France, wanted to offer his support to the school’s international programs.

At the time, Hong was planning a field trip to conclude a two-week intensive course designed to introduce international students to U.S. culture. She had arranged to meet with the U.S. attorney’s office, talk to a professor about pro bono opportunities, hear from a practicing attorney about international transactions and immigration law, and visit City Hall.

But she was on the hunt for one more stop on the trip. McCullough was the perfect fit.

“Students love the idea of meeting with judges, justices, and prosecutors, federal- or state-level practicing attorneys,” Hong says. “So we tried to arrange those types of meetings as much as we could. Meeting with a justice in the Supreme Court of Virginia was a perfect fit for that.”

McCullough agreed and invited the nine students — who came from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone — to a meeting in his chambers in August. He talked about the variety of
cases before the court and what justices are working on. He also had plenty of professional advice to share.

“People were blown away having a meeting with one of the justices, in and of itself,” Hong says. “But the hospitality he showed every one of us — that was phenomenal.”