Alumni News

The legal profession often draws people who want to have a positive effect on their community. Lauren Ritter, L’17, a judicial law clerk in the Arlington, Virginia, Circuit Court is doing just that through the American Bar Association.

In the fall of 2017, she joined the association’s Young Lawyers Division to work on the public service team. The team is working on a two-year national service project, Home Safe Home, that’s focused on four areas of home violence: intimate partner abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, and animal abuse. Their work ranges from community outreach and education for lawyers to advocacy and drafting resolutions for the ABA.

“Home violence is a pervasive, dangerous epidemic,” Ritter says. “It is crucial for lawyers — especially young lawyers — to become involved in their local communities. By conducting outreach projects and working with community members in need, we can hopefully help make home a safe place for everyone.”

Ritter’s involvement isn’t a new endeavor. For two years, she served as a liaison for the ABA’s Legal Assistance for Military Personnel (LAMP) committee. The committee provides legal services to the those who served in the armed forces.

This fall, she was awarded the ABA’s Law Student Division Liaison Award for her contributions organizing a CLE program for more than 100 attendees, as well as her assistance with a business meeting and networking event with law students.

Ritter says her service with the ABA is an exciting way to use her law degree to better the lives of others.

“I want to have a lasting, positive impact on the people around me,” she says. “There are many issues affecting our global community today, so it is important to volunteer to help members of the community who are underserved or being negatively affected.

“A happy, thriving community starts when everyone looks out for the person next to them and we all contribute our special skills and expertise to keep the community moving forward.”