For The Record

Illustration by Gordon Schmidt

Certain rituals become rites of passage for every Richmond Law student: getting cold-called in class the first time, making the long walk from Lot B3, and finding a date for the Barristers Ball, to name just a few. Students studying at Richmond Law this year added a happier one to their list: Mario Mondays.

Mario is Mario Mazzone, L’18. The Mondays are at the Cellar — the university’s pub-like restaurant — where Mazzone continued a long tradition of law students tending bar.

Like any good bartender, Mazzone knows that patrons are coming in for more than a drink. If raising a glass has a way of breaking down barriers and encouraging conviviality, then Mazzone’s tag “Mario Mondays” put law students and the first night of the work week on a first-name basis.

On a Monday near the end of spring semester, Mazzone made it known that he wouldn’t be pocketing his tips. Instead, he’d donate them to the 3L class gift. Students and faculty showed up to be sure he’d have plenty to give. With this boost and gifts from other 3Ls in the Class of 2018, class gift participation topped 50 percent a week before final exams started.

“I am so grateful for my time at UR and all the patrons that made this possible,” Mazzone said. “Mario Mondays — and this past one in particular — have always represented the strong sense of community at UR.”

A post about it on the law school’s Facebook page drew 100 likes, but it was a comment left by Camila Conte, L’18, that probably best summed up everyone’s general feelings.

“Mario Mondays forever in our hearts!” she wrote.