For The Record

Photograph by Kevin Schindler

Spring’s graduates heard one last argument before going forth to begin their legal careers: Look around you in your communities, recognize when something isn’t right, and work to fix it.

The lawyer making this case was commencement speaker Doris H. Causey, president of the Virginia State Bar and managing attorney of the Richmond office of the Central Virginia Legal Aid Society. Here’s an excerpt from her remarks to the Class of 2018:

“Many successful and busy lawyers volunteer in my legal aid office and others across the state and across the country. They do pro bono legal work not because they are required to do so but because they want to be the change agents that help more young girls and boys of every color to grow up and become what they are meant to be without having to overcome obstacle after obstacle to do so.

“They write protective orders, they fight unfair evictions, they lobby the General Assembly, and they assist with immigration issues to give those who may never go to college, much less attend law school, a chance to gain a foothold in a sometimes incredibly tough world.

“I admire and applaud those lawyers, and I ask you to use your law degrees for as much good as you can. I know, I know –– you probably have some loans to pay off. But I also remind you: There is no better way to see the inside of a courtroom and to get to know the judiciary on a first-name basis than to handle legal matters for indigent Virginians. The practice you will get helping others will be invaluable to your paying clients and invaluable to your soul.”