For The Record

Richmond Law professor Hank Chambers and his peers on the Commission to Examine Racial Inequity in Virginia Law face a tall task: “identifying and making recommendations to address laws that were intended to or could have the effect of promoting or enabling racial discrimination or inequity.”

Appointed in September, Chambers said he was “honored to assist in this effort to examine Virginia law and identify parts of it that reflect some of the more regrettable moments in the commonwealth’s history and continue to thwart the promise of the fully equal and equitable society that all Virginians seek.”

Among those serving with Chambers on the commission — which has already identified dozens of instances of racist language — are Carla Jackson, L’00, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles assistant commissioner for legal affairs, and Richmond Law adjunct professor Mike Herring, formerly the city of Richmond’s commonwealth’s attorney. A dozen Richmond Law students will support research efforts.