For The Record

Today’s lawyers have experienced firsthand the changing nature of the legal profession, from new ways of delivering legal services to the use of artificial intelligence. As Eric Richard, L’20 (above, left), said, “Lawyers are being asked to do more these days.”

Richmond Law’s new partnership with the Institute for the Future of Legal Practice (IFLP) supports future lawyers in building a core set of skills that supplement a traditional legal education.

IFLP member schools — of which Richmond Law is one of 18 in the United States, Canada, and Europe in the second year of the program — send students to a three-week boot camp, followed by paid 10-week internships at businesses and law firms across the country.

Richard, one of five Richmond Law IFLP participants in 2019, spent his summer with DHL Supply Chain near Columbus, Ohio.

“Law school will give me a very specialized skill set,” Richard said. “What will make me more competitive in the job market, and ultimately more valuable to employers, are skills that I can offer outside of that specialized set.”