For The Record

If anyone recognizes the impact social resources have on a law student’s future success, it’s Veronica Brown-Moseley, L’14.

A consumer bankruptcy attorney at Boleman Law in Richmond, Brown-Moseley got her start with the firm through an internship as a rising 2L after meeting the CEO at a roundtable hosted by Richmond Law’s career development office. She continued the internship as a 3L; by the third year, she was a valued employee.

Things weren’t always easy for Brown-Moseley.

There's no way to overstate the power of building connections.

“When I started law school, I was so far behind the curve because I lacked social resources and connections,” she said. “I felt like there were so many things I didn’t know, and I didn’t have a lot of resources in terms of where to get information outside of the school itself.”

Those obstacles prompted Brown-Moseley — who was pursuing a career in law to “save the world, one person at a time” — and classmate Avnel Coates, L’14, to co-found Brighter Tomorrows Begin Today. The nonprofit helps individuals achieve their academic and professional goals through educational, professional development, and networking opportunities.

“The organization acts as a liaison between people who want to enter into a particular profession and those already in it,” Brown-Moseley said. “We wanted to create an opportunity for individuals to make connections and build relationships with others so they don’t have to re-create the wheel.”

Since its incorporation in 2012, Brighter Tomorrows Begin Today has helped more than a dozen individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds. The work it does is the same as the advice she offers incoming Richmond Law students: “Network, network, network.”

“There’s no way to overstate the power of building connections and relationships with people,” she said. “Knowledge is power. Reach out to people who are doing what it is you think you want to do and learn from them. Those social resources really do make a difference.”