For The Record

Students and faculty nibbled on foods from around the world. Zhue Azuaje, L’23, played the cuatro, a Latin American instrument. Anna Gobin, L’23, did a Bollywood dance. It was all part of a student-organized Multicultural Night, spearheaded by SALSA — the South Asian Law Students Association.

Gobin and Bushra Haque, L’23, started SALSA last year. “In law school, you have so many groups that focus on professional development, which is very important,” Haque said, “but not as many on creating a sense of community, having fun, getting to know your peers.”

Multicultural Night was SALSA’s biggest event to date. The Black Law Students Association, Jewish Law Students Association, and Muslim Law Students Association, as well as Latin American students (who don’t yet have a formal organization) partnered on the event.

Each group ordered food from a favorite local restaurant; the menu included chicken tikka masala, matzo ball soup, jollof, lo mein, and empanadas, among other dishes. The Muslim students gave out treats with food mentioned in the Quran: honey, dates, pomegranate juice, and Arabic coffee. Many students wore cultural clothing, including Nasiba Sabirova, L’24, who came in a traditional Uzbek atlas print dress. The law school’s multimedia specialist, Carl Hamm, served as DJ, working from a playlist compiled by the students.

“It was about getting to know the people you go to school with, embracing the backgrounds they come from, celebrating their cultures,” said Haque. Added Gobin: “We’ve already had requests to do it again next year.”