For The Record

Children are typically undergoing significant upheaval if they arrive at Elk Hill for the nonprofit’s residential services. They’ve often just left a dangerous situation and are entering a safe but unfamiliar place. Earlier this year, the Carrico Center for Pro Bono and Public Service continued its tradition of donating blankets to make their transition more comforting.

Each of the 56 donated blankets had a personal touch. In January, as part of the commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Carrico Center distributed blanket kits at Muse Law Library. Law student volunteers and students at Richmond Montessori School turned them into finished products.

“We provide a wide array of opportunities for our students, both one-time events and longer term commitments,” said Tara Casey, Carrico’s director. “Not all students have the opportunity or capacity to volunteer off campus, but they still want to be of service to our community. We meet students where they are. That’s the spirit behind our take-home projects.”

The blankets were delivered to Elk Hill in February and added to the welcome boxes that help children successfully transition to their new environment, where they receive a variety of services.