For The Record

Illustration by Katie McBride

MuseKids Storytime has brought a new version of “take your kid to work day” to the law library. Programming includes whimsical songs and law-themed children’s stories about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor for young children.

The program is a partnership between Muse Law Library and UR PALS, the Parents and Allies Law Society. PALS — an organization of law students with children, plus allies — formed as a resource for creating opportunities for quality family time while juggling the demands of law school.

The partnership is a way to “marry both of those worlds together, being students and being parents,” said Anika Rogers, PALS president. “We spend so much time with one another, [so] it’s nice to see where we can relate on a different level and just on a parental or human level beyond the classroom.”

Children get to create friendships with playmates in the same situation, meet their parents’ classmates, and learn about law. Student-parents can spend time with their families. Best of all, it may inspire the next generation of lawyers.